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How you can support our mission

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What your donations support!

  • Legal Expenses

    Leading the citizens’ legal defense initiative known as the  GMO Moratorium Bill, calling for an environmental impact study of genetically modified crops.
    Fostering legal alliances that build, defend and sustain The SHAKA Movement’s ability to uphold the legal defense.

  • Education and Social Awareness

    Being a social presence online and offline. Sponsering events and organizing community awareness of the ongoing reality of trying to  reclaim our Right to  Health. 

  • Right to Health Initiative

    Fill the urgent and compelling call for data and research, through an environmental health study.
    Inform the people living in proximity to the experimental crop test sites of the harmful effects of exposure.
    Health study including…
    Data collection and analysis.

    Evaluate and report results.
    Dissemination of findings, community education and debriefing.

  • Administration Support


Legal Expenses , Education & Social Awareness 0%
Health Initiative 0%
Administration 0%