Stand up to Maui’s “Right to Health”

Beach dayWhy Test yourself for pesticides?

  • Out of the 10 water well samples on Maui tested positive for Atrazine.
  • Maui County collects NO health data.
  • The use of glyphosate has increased from .04 million Kg to 113 million Kg in 2014.
  • W.H.O. has labeled Glyphosate a probable carcinogen and 2,4 D (offten used here) a “possible carcinogen’.
  • Other states are beginning to ban these pesticides.
  • These two pesticides are being marketed together as “Enlist Duo”. It has never been EPA or FDA approved or tested.
  • Glyphosate has been found in breast milk, amniotic fluid, and umbilical cords at toxic levels.


The Feed The World project launched April 23,2015 with a World first, unique glyphosate test for the general public. The project with specific focus on women and children in the U.S. is offering the first ever validated public LC/MS/MS glyphosate testing for urine, water and soon breast milk. This could lead to a ban on the sale and use of glyphosate, the world’s number one herbicide.

The World Health Organization (WHO) announcement in March shocked the global biotech (GMO) industry by classifying their most profitable chemical – glyphosate – as a “probable human carcinogen” (1).


Health Registry

The “Right to Health” Registry Form

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