Soil Association publishes review of soil research ahead of glyphosate vote

The Soil Association has published a review of the scientific research on the impact of glyphosate on soil and soil life.

The body argues that evidence suggests the agricultural chemical may not be safe for soil life. The Soil Association is calling on the EU to ban the use of glyphosate on crops immediately before harvest and to ban all use in public spaces and gardens.

Industry bodies argue glyphosate is safe with the NFU, Crop Protection Association, British Crop Production Council and others including Monsanto citing research of the chemical’s proven track record.

The next EU vote is on 23 June.

Emma Hockridge, head of policy at the Soil Association said; “There is another very important vote taking place on Thursday. Given how long glyphosate has been in use, its extraordinary how little is known about its environmental impact. This ignorance – and indications of potential new problems – adds weight to the demands for a ban on glyphosate based on the threat it poses to human health.  Our soils are vulnerable and threatened – any potential threat to soil health needs to be taken very seriously.

“As a minimum, we are calling on EU Member States to implement the recommendations of the European Parliament, and ban the use of glyphosate on crops immediately before harvest, and to ban all use in public spaces and gardens.”

Meanwhile, the European Union has twice failed to agree to authorise it’s continued use. The licence for the use of glyphosate in the EU expires at the end of June.

The Soil Association cites, as anti glyphosate evidence published this month:
Environmental Audit Committee, Soil Health, 2 June 2016, HC 180 2016-17 [Available online at]

by Matthew Appleby

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