‘Aina demonstrators rally

Hundreds of people took to the streets of Downtown Honolulu to ‘Iolani Palace on Sunday as part of community rally and cultural event E HUI ANA NA MOKU: ‘Aina Protectors Unite.

This special event included an ahu ceremony uniting all of the islands and a group cultural walk honoring important Aloha ‘Aina figures of the past.

Grassroots organization Sustainable Hawaiian Agriculture for the Keiki and the ‘Aina Movement (SHAKA Movement) put on the event in collaboration with 18 environmental, cultural, and community-based organizations across the islands. This gathering is intended to bring greater awareness to all of the environmental and social justice issues affecting Hawaii’s sacred sites, cultural landscapes, agricultural land, water, and ocean.

The rally was scheduled in advance of the historic court hearings regarding Hawaii’s regulation of genetically engineered (GE) crops and pesticides, which will take place in Honolulu on Wednesday. Event organizers hope this event brings greater awareness to the political, social, legal, and spiritual significance of these court hearings, and its inevitable effect on the future of the Hawaiian Islands for generations to come.

“I believe that we must bring greater awareness (hopefully throughout the United States, if not the world) about the importance of ALL the five appeals that will be heard that same week by the Appeals Court Judges; on the political, social, legal and possibly spiritual significance of this event, and its inevitable effect on the future of the Hawaiian Islands for generations to come,” said Native Hawaiian farmer, cultural practitioner, and SHAKA Movement founder Alika Atay.


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