SSustainable  HHawaiian  AAgriculture for the KKeiki and the AAina

The SHAKA Movement is a group that is committed to protecting and preserving the Public Trust Resources on Maui for current & future generations. We are an advocacy, communications and educational outreach program where people and organizations come together to create a positive change for the environment and for the people of the Hawaiian Lands.

Hawaii has a special role to play. We have recognized in the last several years that we are the laboratory for this type of experimental farming. You can trace the genetic makeup of most corn grown in the U.S., and in many other places around the world, to Hawaii.The tiny island state 2,500 miles from the nearest continent is so critical to the nation’s modern corn-growing business that the industry’s leading companies all have farms here, growing new varieties genetically engineered for desirable traits like insect and drought resistance.

The Islands of Hawaii import 90% of their Food, much of it is Genetically Modified. Monsanto, BASF, DOW Agri-Sciences, Syngenta and Du Pont Pioneer conduct field trials and grow GMO Seed for export on 24,000 acres on Hawaiian Islands. – they export some 10 million pounds of seed annually. What is Genetically engineered on the Islands is sent back to Farmers and Ranchers in the United States to further perpetuate this alarming cycle.

SHAKA’s “Right to Health” Registry is now available for your comments.
Assessing possible health impacts of agrochemical operations in our islands is part of SHAKA’s continued efforts to fulfill the mandates of the moratorium. The Registry is for recording health status information of residents living on Maui and in proximity to agrochemical operations.

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On November 4, 2014, Maui voters made history by approving a bill calling for a moratorium on cultivation of genetically engineered crops until an environmental impact study can be conducted to prove such practices are not harming the environment or Maui citizens. The Shaka Movement – along with the five citizens named in the petition drive – filed a legal action in Hawaii state court (see State Legal Case) in order to defend the ordinance approved for implementation as law. The action anticipated the resistance of Maui County officials to certify and implement the ordinance (which they had aggressively campaigned against).read more…

It was called the “The Maui Miracle” when a citizen’s ballot initiative was approved on November 4, 2014. The voters called for a moratorium on the production of genetically engineered organisms in Maui County until independent safety and environmental impact studies are undertaken and completed. Under the approved ordinance, the chemical and biotechnology companies seeking license to develop these new life forms on the Hawaiian Islands would fund these studies.

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Having carefully studied the response of the industry to local initiatives that were enacted on the island of Kauai and Hawaii County (The Big Island), SHAKA Movement began consulting with our legal advisors anticipating similar levels of resistance from the industry, should the voters determine that the proposed ordinance should be incorporated within the County as law.

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The Five Citizens

Submitting a new ordinance to the county requires 5 citizens within the county to represent the proposed new law. Here are our 5 brave citizens who have brought forth the first-ever successful citizen’s initiative in Maui County. We thank you for your dedication and service to stand up for the Hawaii State Constitution and protect the keiki and the ‘aina for current and future generations.
— Mahalo


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